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This is interesting and shows the diversity of each user. Balance of ideal seat vs price.

Curious, did you all try coloring all the seats w.r.t price, similar to what Airlines do? Though I understand in Bus we have at least 2 additional filters such as Gents/Ladies so might get 2 crowded visually speaking.

Another thing I learnt from this article is that when booking a flight, seat selection is as an afterthought, whereas in Bus it seems to be an integral part of the booking flow. I suppose its do with the Journey time and also the comfort - last seats gets more bumpy...any other reasons surfaced?

Overall, thanks for documenting, learning for all. :)

This is thought-provoking.

So, while there may be some official way to measure a Startup vs a Company, I have increasingly come to appreciate the mindset or the culture what Startups embody against what a Company embodies. And its not uncommon to see or hear many Companies trying to work like a Startup.

The number one thing I love about Startups is that they usually have a Hunger fueled by Paranoia that they may get eaten any day. Companies tend to become complacent.

The other counter-view is that Companies are not ready to change - they believe in "this is the way it has always been and will be" which in a way is going against the status-quo of not innovating, doing this differently (example conventionally) and by doing all this they alienate Customers who want something better. :)

I have read this several times in several articles and also the book, one thing which has not been discussed is how does one decide on an idea/product in isolation.

I mean if one idea is presented, how does one decide whether this is worth doing and not others which may exist potentially.

How can one compared among several ideas?

One of the best and so underrated productive tools at our disposal

“Don’t tell me your priorities, show me your Calendar.”

- wise person

Source — Google

I bet you hear or say things like “Oh I don’t have time”, “my calendar is packed”, “I don’t want to be in that meeting, but…

Anirudh B Balotiaa

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